owner: two feathers

I have been a digital artist in Dallas, Texas for 15 years helping businesses with branding

when it comes to logos, websites, SEO, business cards, brochures, postcards, email campaigns, illustration, photo editing, print material, t-shirts, social media promotions, and much more. I have been involved in a variety of other mediums that involve drawing, painting, light work, sculpting,  wall murals, and my newest creation: cloud lights.


I'm constantly finding creative and effective ways to achieve complete branding representation for companies

and businesses that are trying to get recognized at a glance. I've partnered with companies to become instantly recognizable through unique brand images or logos to represent their products, services, and values.  This identification is achieved via print and digital media using color, typography, illustration, photography, animation, and various other techniques.




Some areas that I've specialized in or offered my assistance:

Marketing Facelifts, Political Campaign Promotion and Imagery, Promotional Notebooks and Papers, Fliers, Advertising Books, Press Kits, Marketing Proofs, Customized Invoices, Restaurant Revamping, Non-Profit Organization Advertising, and Radio Station Promotions.


Whether you're a businesses that needs work or an individual needing a particular design service.

Whether your request is big or small:

Contact Two Feathers Designs for your websites, print materials, brochures, logos, business cards, photo editing and more!


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